Veterinary Drug MRLs - A Global Perspective
Understanding regulations that govern veterinary drug MRLs
Navigating trade barriers that may exist when veterinary drug MRLs are misaligned across markets.
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The global trade of animal-based commodities continues to rise. As trade of animal products continues to grow, it is increasingly important for relevant industries to understand and comply with various markets' sanitary standards. 

Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI) has assisted numerous shippers and commodity groups facing these issues. Failure to comply with an importing country's veterinary drug MRL regulation may result in violations and other serious consequences. 

Download this free white paper, which provides an overview of the regulations that govern veterinary drug MRLs, lessons learned and additional resources to help you navigate this changing environment. 
Ann Stevenson | Manager, Regulatory Databases

Ann and her team of analysts closely monitor for changes in maximum residue level (MRL) and food additive policies, ensuring that clients receive up-to-date and accurate MRL information. In addition to her work with BCI's regulatory databases, Ann manages the technical editing of BCI's subscription newsletter, the BCI Monitor as well as the MRL News Service. 
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