Pesticide Residue Violation White Paper
What to do if you have a pesticide residue violation
Top 10 important lessons learned that may be helpful when a shipment is rejected for a MRL violation.
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Your shipment is stuck in a foreign market due to a pesticide residue violation...

Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI) has assisted numerous growers, shippers and commodity groups facing this often tense issue. Decisions must be made quickly and efficiently in order to save perishable products, avoid costly charges and keep customers happy.

Download this free white paper, which outlines 10 lessons learned that may mean the difference between losing your shipment or getting it to its final destination.
Matt Lantz, Vice President of Global Access

Matt works to open foreign markets for agricultural commodities and to address international agricultural policy concerns on behalf of BCI's clients. Matt has worked to resolve phytosanitary, sanitary, tariff, labeling and food additive issues in numerous countries. Addressing international pesticide MRLs is among his specialities.
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